Clinical Psychology for Older People

We see older people over 65 years old for a range of reasons including mental health difficulties, cognitive difficulties and other issues that arise during late adulthood.

About the service

Our department is based between Bensham Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital. We see people over the age of 65* for a range of reasons including mental health difficulties such as depression and anxiety, cognitive difficulties such as poor memory and reasoning abilities, among many other issues that arise during late adulthood.

We use our understanding of psychology to help people understand themselves and the difficulties that they are experiencing. We work with you to help you change, improve or come to terms with those difficulties.

*There might be certain circumstances where we see people under the age of 65, these include:

  • People who need a neuropsychological assessment to assist diagnosis of early-onset dementia
  • Patients who have experienced a stroke and are currently an inpatient at the QE hospital
  • Carers of people with dementia who are open to the Mental Health Service for Older People.

Services we offer

  • Assessment and formulation (a psychological explanation of the origin and maintenance of the problem) as an aid to other care staff
  • Psychological therapy (either individual, couple, family or group)
  • Assessment of neuropsychological functioning
  • Neuropsychological assessment and post-diagnostic psychological support


Clinical Psychology Services for Older People in Gateshead

Bensham Hospital Older Adult Psychology Department Referral Criteria

Contact us for more information

You can contact the Psychology Admin Office at:

Bensham Hospital,

Fontwell Drive,



Call Psychology Admin Office on 0191 445 6690
Email Psychology Admin Office at [email protected]
Email Dr Claire Martin (Lead Consultant Clinical Psychologist) at [email protected]