NHS makes parking improvements in Gateshead

A project to improve the parking at two of Gateshead’s NHS sites will complete at the end of January – and the new system will make it easier and quicker for people to park at the Queen Elizabeth and Bensham Hospitals.

Management company Parkingeye has been appointed by Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust to modernise the car parks and ensure that patients and visitors have a safe and hassle-free parking experience.

From 31st January 2022a new digitised payment system will be introduced for patients, visitors and carers to use.

Pricing for parking at the site will remain unchanged.

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Key benefits include:

  • The design and interface of the new kiosks makes it much easier for patients and visitors to use the kiosks and pay for parking.
  • There are now more options for visitors to pay including coins, notes, chip & pin and contactless, as well as Parkingeye’s  good2go cashless payment solution. The kiosks will also give change.
  • There will be 19” touch screens for improved user experience and the ability to find a vehicle in real time.
  • Full integration with Automatic Number Plate Recognition system to provide vehicle look-up during payment process.
  • The new kiosks will be easier to use for all patients and visitors, giving a clear on-exit payment method and will help to ensure the car park is properly managed for patients and visitors.