Younger Persons Memory Service

This service is to provide a supportive service to maximise independence and keep our patients are as well as they can be.

Core purpose of the service:

This service is to provide a supportive service to maximise independence and keep our patients are as well as they can be. As a dedicated team of specialists, we are here to answer questions, minimise anxieties and enable our patients to live their best possible lives.

We also provide specialist advice to fellow healthcare professionals and look after our patients’ physical as well as mental health. 

Our principles:

  • We listen to patients and their families
  • We provide patient-centred care
  • We develop tailored treatment plans in collaboration with patients and their families/carers
  • We treat patients and families with dignity, compassion and respect
  • We are always professional, friendly, empathetic, supportive and approachable
  • We focus on enabling patients and their families/carers to improve quality of life and feel empowered

Who are we:

A multi-disciplinary team that consists of support workers, registered mental health nurses, psychiatrists, occupational therapy and psychology, supported by a dedicated leadership team.

Our service hours are Monday – Friday 8am-4pm and we are based at Bensham General Hospital. 

What does the service offer to patients and their families?

Every patient will have a care coordinator to ensure treatment and support is tailored to individual needs. The team will work in partnership with patients and carer(s) throughout their journey, providing treatment and support in the community, home and clinic settings, wherever is required.  Treatment and support options include:

Pre-diagnostic support such as:

  • Education
  • Memory assessment
  • Functional assessment
  • Physical assessment ie blood tests/scans,
  • Signposting to additional support services ie social services, voluntary sector
  • Carer support and assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Physical health checks

Patients referred to us with an existing diagnosis will receive a full assessment of their care needs so that post diagnostic support and treatment can be tailored to their needs.

Post-diagnostic support to patients and families includes:

  • Psychological support and treatment
  • Pharmacological treatment
  • Cognitive and mental health monitoring
  • Education for patients and families
  • Care coordination
  • Peer support
  • On-going physical monitoring
  • Evidence based therapeutic interventions and treatment
  • Titration of medication
  • Support in a crisis situation
  • Regular medical reviews as appropriate
  • Ongoing risk assessment
  • Evidence based group therapies such as CST, mindfulness and “living well with dementia”
  • Tailored carer’s support and education
  • Signposting to appropriate services

Assessment is an ongoing process to ensure that patients and families are always receiving the best possible and most appropriate care that they need.  

Who is eligible for the service?

Anyone under the age of 65 with a pre-existing or suspected young onset dementia

How do people access the service?

Patients and families/carer(s) can access the service via GP.

As a member of the team, what do you expect from the service?

We celebrate and share success.
We support each other to deliver care that we are proud of.
We listen to each other and value every opinion, no matter band or status.
We have a healthy culture of positive challenge to support development and improve patient care.
We continuously strive to improve the service and maintain high standards.
We work in a warm, approachable, friendly and supportive professional environment.