Sunniside Ward

Sunniside ward is an acute mental health inpatient unit based the Gateshead site for patients presenting with functional mental health difficulties.

About the service

Sunniside ward is an acute mental health inpatient unit based the Gateshead site for patients presenting with functional mental health difficulties. Sunniside ward has 10 single, ensuite bedrooms and aims to provide a comprehensive and holistic assessment of the older persons physical, psychological, behavioural, social and spiritual needs through a comprehensive assessment and multidisciplinary working.  The ward will provide a full range of investigative and treatment options, which are tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient. Sunniside ward has a range of specially trained staff with different roles and expertise which will contribute to care and treatment.  These include:

  • Nurses
  • Consultant Psychiatrists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Dietiian
  • Physiotherapists
  • Healthcare Support Workers
  • Activities co-ordinator

The goal of all treatment and interventions offered on Sunniside is that of recovery.  The team on the ward encourage the involvement of families and carers and are keen to encourage and maintain close links between patients and their family.  The ward aims to provide high standards of care in an environment which supports people’s needs and helps with their recovery with an aim to support patients to be discharged safely in a timely way.

Who is Sunniside for?

Sunniside ward is for older adults who:

  • Require a bed on a needs-led frail/vulnerable ward due to risk of self-harm or harm to others
  • Are experiencing an acute episode of mental distress that is not manageable in their home with support from the Older Peoples Community Mental Health Team or Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team (CRHT) or where there is likely to be a breakdown in placement without intervention.

The service aims to:

  • To provide admission and multidisciplinary assessment of people with a functional mental illness with acute problematic behaviours
  • To offer appropriate assessment, treatment and management of people with a functional mental illness, maintaining personal and social competence and encouraging recovery and independence
  • To assist in the assessment, identification and diagnoses of mental health problems
  • To work alongside other departments within Gateshead Health, Adult Social Care, Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team (CRHT) and local mental health trusts,  as well as other agencies to enhance care
  • To ensure all other options of help have been offered within the community, making admission a last resort
  • To provide a timely discharge to once they are deemed fit for discharge
  • To provide carer assessments and offer support, education and guidance when required.

Admission and referrals

Patients will be admitted to the ward following assessment by the community or CRHT team.  The ward admits patients from within the Gateshead area who have a Gateshead GP but will also accept referrals from other areas. 

How to contact the service