The Podiatry service in Gateshead aims to improve foot health, minimise foot and lower limb pathology and improve quality of life by reducing foot pain and discomfort with the treatment of podiatric conditions.

About the service

The podiatry service provides foot care across Gateshead in community clinics, hospital wards, and patient’s homes. 

The service is comprised of podiatrists and advanced podiatry assistants. Podiatrists train for at least 3 years to specialise in foot, ankle and leg conditions, focusing on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of conditions.  Their main aim is to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients. 

Advanced podiatry assistants provide nail care, minor callus reduction, wound care and diabetes foot screening under the delegation and supervision of a podiatrist.

The services we offer

Specialist treatments are provided within the podiatry service. 

These include:

  • A diabetic foot clinic, where podiatrists work alongside consultants and the diabetes team to provide rapid assessment and treatment for patients experiencing diabetic foot ulceration, with the aim of healing ulceration, promoting better awareness of the diabetic risk factors and improving the prevention of further foot complications. 
  • Nail surgery clinics, which involve the full or partial removal of toenails for patients with recurrent toenail problems. This is carried out under local anesthetic.
  • A biomechanics service which provides gait analysis and the provision of insoles, pressure-relieving devices, and dynamic devices to realign the foot and improve gait and associated foot problems and pain.

Important advice:

Patient News

  • Currently patients are experiencing extended waiting times to be seen by the Podiatry service. Please be assured that we are working hard to ensure that patients who are require appointments are seen as soon as possible. Patients are seen in according to their clinical need and therefore some will wait longer than others.
  • Being referred to the service does not guarantee an appointment. In some cases, patients will be signposted to more appropriate services, or provided with advice in order that they can self care.
  • Patients who do not attend their appointments or fail to cancel will be discharged from the service.

How to contact the service

Our clinics are open 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone 0191 445 8401
Monday – Friday