Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU)

Patient initiated follow up (PIFU) is when a patient initiates a follow up appointment when they need one.

Gateshead Health NHS FT has started offering ‘patient initiated follow up’ appointments (PIFU).  This means that instead of having a follow up appointment booked at a specific time in the future you are in control can request a follow up appointment if/when should you need it. 

This means you avoid unnecessary routinely booked appointments, saving you time and money, and causing less stress and anxiety.

Patient Initiated Follow-Ups won’t be suitable for every patient, but if your hospital care team think they could be right for you, they will discuss this with you.

You can find more information about PIFU appointments on the resources section.

About the service

Patient initiated follow up puts you the patient in control so that you can make a follow up appointment if you need to. 

Your PIFU period will be for a set time period (for example 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc) and will have an expiry date.  If you need a follow up appointment within the timeframe set out in your letter, you will need to contact the to book an appointment.

Services we offer

PIFU is being rolled out across the hospital and will be discussed with you at your appointment if it is available / appropriate for you.

Contacting the service

If PIFU is accessible and appropriate for you, your hospital doctor/team will make sure that you receive (either by letter or at your appointment) details of how to make contact with them so that you can book an appointment. 

If you need to cancel or change your booked PIFU appointment, you can get in touch the same way.