Specialist Palliative Care

Specialist palliative care is required by people with progressive, life-limiting illness, with or without additional conditions.

About the service

The Specialist Palliative Care team provides complex assessments to patients in both the hospital and the patient’s home/care home. The focus of care is on quality of life and who has unresolved complex needs that cannot be met by their current care team. These needs may be physical, psychological, social and/or spiritual.

We offer specialist palliative care services in Gateshead:

  • In patients’ homes or care homes
  • In the QE acute setting
  • St Bede’s unit (Inpatient Specialist Palliative care beds)

We also offer clinical leadership and education to services providing palliative care.

We also offer a Hospice at Home service which provides care for patients in the last 12 weeks of life where they can remain in their preferred place of care. This includes offering physical, emotional, psychological and practical support to patients and families. 

Service opening times

Specialist nurses and consultants – Monday to Friday
Hospice at home – Monday to Sunday

How to contact the service

Hospital specialist palliative care team 0191 445 5711
Community specialist palliative care team 0191 445 8499
St Bede's 0191 445 5703
Hospice at home 0191 445 5131
Overnight Palliative care 07824461957