Cardio Catheter Lab

Cardio Cath Lab carry out inpatient and outpatient Cardiac procedures, with a consultant cardiologist.

About the service

The cardio catheter lab carries out inpatient and outpatient cardiac procedures, with a consultant cardiologist.

Cardiac catheterisation is an invasive diagnostic procedure that provides important information about the structure and function of the heart.

It usually involves taking X-rays of the heart’s arteries (coronary arteries) using a technique called coronary angiography or arteriography.

Procedures include:

  • Trans Oesophageal Echos (T.O.E.s)
  • loop recorders
  • permanent pacemakers
  • temporary pacing wires
  • coronary angiograms
  • pericardial drains

We are a small department next to main theatres, which has a multi-use operating theatre area where cardiac procedures are carried out.

Every day we have a team which consists of:

  • Cath Lab nurse
  • Auxiliary Nurse from Ward 8 (Cardiology)
  • Radiographer
  • Cardiac Physiologist
  • Consultant Cardiologist, who may also have a cardiology registrar working with them

Service opening times

The service operates Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 16:00.

How to contact the service

Telephone 0191 445 6114