Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2021

The Annual General Meeting minutes which took place on Wednesday 29th September 2021.

The Annual General Meeting was held at 9.30 am on Wednesday 29th September 2021,
via Microsoft Teams.


Mrs A Marshall Chair
Mrs E Adams Public Governor – Central
Mr L Brown Public Governor – Western
Mrs J Coleman Staff Governor
Mr S Connolly Staff Governor
Mr A Dougall Public Governor – Eastern
Reverend J Gill Public Governor – Western
Mrs G Henderson Public Governor – Western
Mrs H Jones Public Governor – Central
Ms M Ndam Staff Governor
Mr G Riddell Public Governor – Western
Mrs K Tanriverdi Public Governor – Central
Dr L Ternent Appointed Governor
Mrs E Ward Public Governor – Eastern

In attendance:

Mrs J Baxter Chief Operating Officer
Mr A Beeby Medical Director
Mrs J Bilcliff Acting Chief Executive
Dr R Bonnington Non– Executive Director
Miss J Boyle Company Secretary
Mrs N Bruce Operational Director for Medicine (21/05)
Mrs L Crichton-Jones Director of People & OD
Mrs G Findley Chief Nurse
Ms E Koltai Health Care Assistant (21/05)
Mrs K Mackenzie Acting Director of Finance
Mr A Moffat Non-Executive Director
Mrs D Owen Clinical Operations Manager (21/07)
Mr A Robson Managing Director, QEF
Mr M Robson Non-Executive Director
Dr M Sani Non-Executive Director
Mr D Shilton Non-Executive Director
Mrs A Stabler Non-Executive Director
Ms D Waites Corporate Services Assistant


Mr J Bedlington Public Governor – Central
Mrs C Ellison Staff Governor
Cllr M Gannon Non-Executive Director
Mrs K Marley Staff Governor
Mrs H Parker Non–Executive Director
Prof D Porteous Appointed Governor
Mr A Rabin Public Governor – Central
Mr A Sandler Appointed Governor
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Mr J Stephens Public Governor – Central
Mr C Toon Appointed Governor

Agenda itemDiscussion and action points

Mrs A Marshall, Chair, opened the Annual General Meeting by
welcoming Board members, Governors, members of staff, and
members of the public.

She reminded those present of the impact on the Trust due to
the recent pandemic and felt it was important to share some of
the work undertaken across the organisation during this time.

Mrs Marshall requested that members report any revisions to
their declared interests or any declaration of interest in any of
the items on the agenda.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on
Wednesday 30th September 2020 were approved as a correct

Mrs J Bilcliff, Acting Chief Executive, welcomed those present
to the Annual General Meeting. She began her review of the
year by sharing a video showing some of the success stories
around the organisation however reminded the group of the
impact the pandemic has had over the year which is reflected
in the Trust’s core operational performance summary.

Mrs Bilcliff reported that during the meeting, the group will
hear some examples of innovations in more depth however
highlighted some of the work done which has benefited our
patients and staff. This included contributions from our
research team to the world’s largest clinical trial for Covid
treatments which have significantly reduced the risk of death
for patients and schemes to keep patients connected with their
loved ones when visiting was restricted. Our community
services were presented with a Blaydon Angel award by Liz
Twist, MP for their outstanding contribution to the Gateshead
community during the pandemic and work has continued to develop our staff networks. Throughout the year, there has
been a strong focus on health and wellbeing and our
Occupational Health team have played a critical role in our
pandemic response. During 2021/21, the Trust has recruited 56
new volunteers to support us in a variety of important roles.

Mrs Bilcliff highlighted some of the work undertaken with
valued partners and reported that the Trust will continue to
build on these relationships going forward. She drew attention
to the work of QE Facilities and their support during the
pandemic with the timely movement of patients upon
discharge, as well as collecting and delivering PPE for trusts
across the region.

She also highlighted some of the recent charity projects which
included providing additional support to the Chapel of Rest,
Paediatrics, Chemotherapy Day Unit garden, Jubilee garden
and grab bags which provide essential items and transport for
patients fleeing domestic violence.

Mrs Bilcliff concluded by thanking the staff and highlighted that
the Board were extremely proud for their continuous hard

Mrs N Bruce, Operational Director for Medicine, and Ms E
Koltai, Healthcare Assistant, provided some background on the
work of Project Wingman which comprises of airline crew who
were grounded and furloughed during lockdown and
volunteered their time to provide a welcoming space away
from work areas for staff.

Ms Koltai highlighted her personal experience having
volunteered with the project after being made redundant and
reported that this gave her a sense of purpose and was able to
give something back to the NHS in its time of need. She
highlighted that 22 members of crew have since secured jobs
within the Trust and she herself is now working as a Health Care
Assistant. She felt that it has been an amazing opportunity for
the crew to explore every department and thanked the Trust
for the great opportunity.

Mrs Marshall, Chair, thanked Ms Koltai for sharing her story and
thanked all volunteers for their continued support.
AGM/21/06QUALITY REPORT 2020/21:

Mrs J Baxter, Chief Operating Officer, provided an overview of
the Trust’s Quality Report for 2020/21 and explained that the
Trust identified 12 quality improvement priorities to focus on
during 2020/21 across the three domains of quality – clinical
effectiveness, patient safety and patient experience and
provided an update on progress against the priorities in the
past year.

Mrs Baxter drew attention to some of work undertaken to
deliver the priorities despite the pandemic in particular positive
feedback in relation to patient safety and highlighted the
quality improvements for 2021/22 which includes ensuring
patient discharge processes are safe and effective. She
explained that learning from patient feedback continues to
contribute to improving processes and procedures moving

Mrs D Owen, Clinical Operations Manager for Community
Services provided some background on work of the Hospice at
Home team.

She reported that this is a joint initiative between the Trust,
Newcastle Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), and
Macmillan Cancer Support and highlighted the challenges of
launching the new service during the pandemic however
explained that the aim of the service is to assess patients for
support during the last 12 weeks of life to prevent hospital
admission and improve discharge from hospital to home.
The service has received some incredible feedback from
families and has been shortlisted for a Star Award and Nursing
Times Award.

Mrs Owen wished to thank the team for their hard work over
the past year and Mrs Marshall also expressed her thanks on
behalf of the Board and Council of Governors.

Mrs K Mackenzie, Acting Group Director of Finance, presented
an overview of the Trust’s financial performance for 2020/21.Mrs Mackenzie drew attention to the complex end of year
financial discussions and wished to recognise the efforts of the
finance team, both for the Trust and QE Facilities, and the
External Audit team.

She provided an overview of the Trust’s financial performance
for 2020/21 including income, expenditure and capital spend.
She reported that due to additional NHS funding during the
year, the Trust reported a small revenue surplus of £1.326m.
Capital expenditure for the year was £17.242m and included
expanding pathology services to deliver covid testing and
digital solutions in response to pandemic.

Mrs Mackenzie highlighted the work of the Trust’s External
Auditors, Ernst and Young and some of the conclusions from
their audit of the financial accounts. She explained some of the
challenges and reported that this will be similar for 2021/22
however the Trust will be welcoming Mazaars as their new
External Auditors.

Mr A Robson, Managing Director for QE Facilities, provided an
overview of the Trust’s sustainability journey.

He drew attention to the Regional Greener NHS targets in
relation to medicines, travel and transport, and people which
includes some of the local schemes and highlighted that the
Trust is working closely with the North East and North Cumbria
Integrated Care System.

Mr A Robson reported on some of the progress to date and
highlighted that the Trust has been awarded the Green Apple
Award for Environmental Best Practice. Next steps include
finalising the Green Plan for 2021-2024 and ensuring that
sustainability training becomes mandatory for all staff. The
Sustainable Procurement Policy is currently being developed
and will be implemented soon and further measures are due to
be implemented in relation to the Green Travel Plan and Clean
Air Hospital Framework.

Mrs Marshall commended the strategy being undertaken
within the organisation in taking Gateshead forward as a
sustainable leader within the region.

Reverend J Gill, Public Governor and Lead Governor, presented
the Council of Governors’ Annual Report 2020/21.

She highlighted that the elections for 2 staff and 6 public
governors were held during 2020/21 and as a result, the Trust
welcomed 2 new staff governors and 2 new public governors
with another 2 public governors being re-elected and one
vacancy remained within Central constituency. Two of our
governors resigned due to personal reasons and Rev Gill
thanked them for their dedication and support over the years.
The election nominations process for 2021/22 is currently open
and she highlighted that for this election there are 11 Governor
positions (8 public Governors and 3 staff Governors).

Rev Gill reported on some of the key achievements and
decisions during the year which included the recruitment,
selection and appointment of two new Non-Executive
Directors. The appointment process for a Deputy Lead
Governor was also agreed and the Council welcomed Mr Abe
Rabin into the position.

Membership figures decreased slightly during the year
however Rev Gill explained that this is expected due to the
pandemic and as such membership engagement events have
not been able to take place however it is hoped that these can
be reintroduced in the near future.

Some of the governors were able to take part in a recent “thank
you” recording to staff as part of the Trust’s Thank You event
and Rev Gill also thanked all her governor colleagues for their
support during the difficult past year.

Mrs Marshall also thanked the governors for all the good work
and thanked Rev Gill for her support as Lead Governor in
keeping the Council informed of any communications and
developments during the year.

Mrs J Bilcliff, Acting Chief Executive, started by thanking all
those who have presented to the group highlighting the
brilliant achievements around the organisation. She then
provided a briefing on some of the work being undertaken
looking ahead.

There are four main areas:
• Patients, care, clinical excellence – Mrs Bilcliff reported
that this relates to the national commitment to reduce
waiting lists and the Trust will be introducing its new
operating model.
• Our people – health and well-being is one of the Trust’s
key priorities due to recent pressures as well as building
on equality, diversity and inclusion standards. Mrs
Bilcliff highlighted that actions plans are in place around
the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) and
Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES).
• Partnership, Collaboration, System Working and
Networks – work to continue to build on relationships
within the Integrated Care System and the Trust plays a
significant role within this.
• Progress, Innovation, Growth and Research –digital
innovations including the Global Digital Exemplar
Programme in response to the pandemic and priorities
moving forward include pathology, gynae-oncology and
driving the sustainability agenda.

Mr A Robson, Managing Director of QE Facilities, provided an
overview on the work being undertaken around the production
of FFP3 face masks.

He reminded the group of the national supply issues around
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during Covid and the
impact this had on the NHS as a whole. The development and
production of the FFP3 masks has been undertaken with this in
mind which will result in masks being distributed locally and to
the wider region.

The masks are currently awaiting certification and following
recent media coverage, has opened up further opportunities to
overseas markets. Mr A Robson highlighted the benefits to the
Trust and further future opportunities.

Mrs Marshall agreed that this was an excellent opportunity for
the Trust and thanked Mr Robson and his team for their

There were no questions or comments from attendees

Mrs Marshall closed the meeting by formally thanking the work
and efforts undertaken by staff and volunteers and thanked

RESOLVED: that the next Annual General Meeting will be
held on 28th September 2022 at 9.30am