Council of Governors February 2022

A meeting of the Council of Governors was held at 10am on Wednesday 16th February 2022.

1 Apologies for Absence and Attendance Register
2 Chair’s Business
3 Declarations of Interest
4 Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Enclosure
To approve the minutes of the previous meeting of the
Council of Governors held on Wednesday 16 November 2021
5 Matters Arising/Action Log Enclosure
Board and Committee Updates:
6 Chief Executive’s Update including Enclosure
i) Performance Report
ii) Staffing Update
iii) Questions from Governors
7 Board Committee Assurance Updates
i) Quality Governance Committee Enclosure
ii) Charitable Funds Committee Enclosure
8 Annual Review of the Declarations of Interest
To approve the declarations of interest of:
i) Newly elected public governors and staff governors Enclosure
ii) the annual review of Council of Governors interests Enclosure
9 Council of Governors Annual Effectiveness Survey – questions Enclosure
10 Consideration of Governor elements of the Trust’s Self Certification Enclosure
11 Process for appointing Lead and Deputy Lead Governor Enclosure
Elections and Membership:
12 Election Results and new Governor welcome Enclosure
Items for Information:
13 Cycle of Business Enclosure
14 Review of the Meeting Verbal
15 Date & Time of the next Meeting

Council of Governors February 2022 (3MB pdf)