Zipliners glide over the Tyne for charity

17 members of staff and the public took on the zipline from the Tyne Bridge to the Quayside to support QE Charitable Funds. A company called Jelly Legs hosted the event with our brave participants soaring through the sky at speeds up to 25mph whilst enjoying the breathtaking views of the city. Collectively the fundraisers raised £930 for QE Charitable Funds.

zipliner over water
Jelly Legs Zipline over the Tyne

The towering zipline stood at nearly 100 feet tall where participants would take a scary leap from the famous Tyne Bridge. They then flew across the river to land on the quayside, across the road from the law court. Participants fundraised for different areas of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust including Cancer Services, Gynae Oncology Research, the General Fund, Therapy Services, Older Persons Fund, Pathology Services and Colposcopy. Each participant received their own QE Charitable Funds Tshirt with their name and the fund they supported as a thank you for their efforts.

The unique experience allowed our participants to get out of their comfort zone whilst also raising money for the charity. Jelly Legs offers other daredevil activities such as abseiling, skywalk and even a fire walk. Those who took part thoroughly enjoyed their experience with lots of positive feedback received.

two people stood in front of a red van
Jo and James Johnson, co-owners of Jelly Legs

Aimee Day, a member of our Cancer Services Team said, “I chose to zipline for Cancer Services to help raise funds so the department can continue to excel at the care and support they give patients. Donations are so important to help people in their time of need. If you can help and do something like this to support other people, why wouldn’t you? It was an amazing experience, one I never thought I would be able to stomach doing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to take the plunge again next year. Who knows, I might go bigger and join the sky dive! (that’s not a promise though) A big thank you to all those who donated and came along to support me. What better way to raise money by including your family and friends so they can laugh at you?”

back of zipliner top showing fund they supported
Aimee Day, ziplining for Cancer Services Fund

Owen, a student at Newcastle University, mentioned, “I have always wanted to zip line and have decided to raise money for cancer research. This charity has done amazing work for many people.”

picture of zipliner
Owen, ziplining for Cancer Services Fund

Holly Watson, a member of our Colposcopy Team, stated “I can’t think of anything more fun than doing a zip wire across the Tyne, especially when it also benefits QE Charitable Funds.”

QE Charitable Funds is exploring options to participate in other adrenaline junkie events due to the positive feedback on the zipline. Keep an eye out for updates from our socials and check the website for upcoming events on the Events Page