Understanding the appropriate use of antibiotics

Misunderstandings about antibiotics are widespread. Some people believe antibiotics can treat viral infections, while others think all infections require antibiotics. Some even believe that sharing antibiotics is safe or that antibiotics are a cure-all solution for any ailment. Unfortunately, these beliefs are misguided and can have serious consequences. That’s why we caught up with Martin, the Antimicrobial Pharmacist at Gateshead Health, to learn more about the appropriate use of antibiotics.

Martin has some important messages about the appropriate use of antibiotics, which you can learn more about in this short video. Don’t let misunderstandings about antibiotics put your health at risk. Get informed and use antibiotics responsibly!

Antibiotics are vital to modern medicine, as they can help combat bacterial infections and treat potentially life-threatening conditions like sepsis. They are also essential for patients undergoing surgeries or medical procedures. However, the misuse of antibiotics can lead to adverse effects and fuel the rise of antibiotic resistance. Over time, antibiotic resistance can make infections more challenging to treat, changing the effectiveness of antibiotics. 

While antibiotics are invaluable tools, using them properly is essential for safeguarding your health and preserving them for the future.