Teddy the welfare dog visits staff at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Staff at Gateshead Health NHS have welcomed a new four-legged friend to the Trust called Teddy the Toodle (Tibetan terrier/poodle cross).

The welfare dog will be visiting staff on a biweekly basis over the next six months to provide health and well-being support.

Wag and Company provide welfare dogs to medical environments or into people’s homes to provide holistic care. There are several benefits of having a dog in the workplace including reducing stress, increasing productivity and improving teamwork and team relationships.

The staff wellbeing initiative is being funded by the Trust charity, QE Charitable Funds and is taking place between May and October 2023.

Teddy the welfare dog

The benefits of a welfare dog include:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Improves teamwork.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Improve team relationships.

Teddy will be visiting a variety of non-clinical departments across the Trusts including QE Hospital and Bensham.

Wag and Company volunteer and Teddy’s owner, Jan Rayner said “When we did our first visit on 9th May I was stunned by the overwhelming welcome we were given.

“Every visit since has been joyful for us. We meet literally hundreds of staff members and to see the smiles as Teddy walks in is just wonderful.

“Please believe me when I say we enjoy each and every minute of our visits.”

Staff at Gateshead said:

“Visiting Teddy makes me take a break from my busy ward environment.”

“It’s lovely having Teddy visit every other week and we all count down the days to his next visit.”

“It really boosts the morale of staff which results in better patient care.”

“It’s made my day and takes some stress away when he comes to visit.”

“It makes me want to take a break to come and see him.”

“He’s extremely calming.”

“After a bad day, it’s lovely to be able to come down and help boost my mood again.”

“It’s great for team relationships as we have all found a common interest with each other outside of work chat.”