State of the art CT scanner to be launched to patients this month

We are delighted our brand new CT scanner will start scanning patients from early June for our patients at the QE.

A CT scanner uses x-rays and a computer to create detailed images of inside the body and is carried out by specially trained officers called radiographers.

This replaces a scanner that was 10 years old and the lifespan of a CT scanner and technology has moved on substantially in that time.

The new scanner will:

  • Expand our clinical capabilities
  • Enhance diagnostic quality and patient experience
  • Speed up scan times
  • Reduce radiation doses significantly
  • Increase scan resolution and image quality

CT activity grows 9-10% year on year and as this growth continues, the new scanner will impact more patients who are referred to us for scans.

Dr Mike Newby, Clinical Lead for Radiology, Consultant Radiologist said: “We would like to thank the Trust for investing in this high-quality scanner and all of the CT department staff who consistently provide  exceptional service throughout the works with only 1 scanner in-house and substantially increased inpatient demands.”

Katharine McHugh, Service Line Manager said: “Their dedication and professionalism have been fantastic, as always. We would also like to thank QE Facilities for their expertise and support.”