Sky is the limit for QE fundraisers

Brave volunteers have completed a charity skydive to raise not only money but the spirits of Gateshead NHS staff following a difficult 18 months throughout the pandemic.

Ten brave volunteers, most of them Gateshead NHS staff themselves, agreed to skydive in support of QE Charitable Funds, the charity arm of Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Collectively our skydivers have raised more than £4,200 for various causes around the Trust with donations to the staff health and wellbeing fund, community services, women’s health clinic, colposcopy, and maternity.

The event was organised by Sky-High Skydiving in Peterlee, who very kindly donated ten free skydive places to QE Gateshead in an attempt to bring friends and family together to raise much needed funds for our NHS.

The sky-dive did exactly that, and brought together participants from the Trust’s corporate partners and various departments to support QE teams who have worked hard throughout the pandemic.

One participant, Katy Mcdonald, said: “I am aware of the unbelievable impact Covid-19 has had upon my colleagues. I am hoping that through doing the skydive I will be able to raise some much needed funds that can be used to support the wellbeing of our staff across Gateshead Trust.”

The resilience of both the staff at the QE and the wider Gateshead community is highlighted by these participants, who persevered and completed the skydive despite miserable weather on the day.

Clare King, charitable funds officer said: “We want to give a huge thank you to all of our amazing skydivers who remained optimistic throughout the full day, and even danced the Macarena in an attempt to bring out the sun! We are so grateful for the support you have shown for our charity which allows us to help support our staff and patients here at QE Gateshead’.

Skydivers described the jump as a “fantastic” opportunity that has proved the sky is the limit for the QE.

You can read the individual stories from our 10 amazing skydivers by clicking on their name below:

You too can show your support for QE Charitable Funds and QE Gateshead by participating in any of the Charity’s 2022 events.  Why not sign up for the 2022 event which cannot be missed, ‘We’re a Knockout’, in support of cancer services here in Gateshead! 

To sign up for any of our 2022 events or sign up to run your own fundraising events or for any information in relation to the charity, please email: [email protected].