QE Gateshead backs recommendations to end smoking by 2030

QE Gateshead joins campaigners in tough new measures and pledges its support to become smokefree by 2030.

Earlier this month, respiratory consultant at the QE Hospital, Dr Ruth Sharrock, joined the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to discuss tough new measures to end smoking. The report highlighted recommendations for the 2021 Tobacco Control Plan.

These included:

  • Funding for measures to reduce smoking and support people to quit is secured through a ‘polluter pays’ amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill, forcing tobacco manufacturers to pay.
  • Targeted investment to tackle high smoking rates in communities where smoking does the most damage, including social housing tenants, pregnant women and people with a mental health condition.
  • Tough new regulations to protect children and young people from becoming smokers and help smokers quit including consulting to raise the age of sale of tobacco from 18 to 21.

Andy Beeby, medical director at the trust endorsed the APPG report on behalf of the trust: “We fully support the recommendations provided.

“All too often, we see patients admitted with severe illness, like cancer, lung disease or heart disease, caused by smoking and the devastating impact this has on patients and their families. We believe that these recommendations will save many lives and reduce health inequalities and we want to show our support.”

Director of Fresh and Balance, Ailsa Rutter OBE said “It’s great to see the QE pledge its support and become one of the first trusts in the country to formally endorse the APPG on Smoking report.”

The APPG report is backed by Fresh and other partners across the region who all share a vision for a Smokefree future.