Pilot project to reduce medication waste during hospital stays proves successful

Have you ever been to a hospital and found yourself with an oversupply of medications that you already have at home? It’s common for patients to have excess medication during their hospital stay, but Gateshead Health Foundation Trust has been working on a solution to minimise this waste.

Gateshead Health’s pilot project, which has been ongoing for the past three months, is a collaborative effort between Gateshead Health Foundation Trust and our patients. It aims to reduce the amount of wasted medication by empowering patients to bring their medicines with them when admitted to the hospital and by letting us know what repeat medications they have at home before discharge. By doing so, patients can actively avoid being supplied with medication they already have at home or with them, which has proven to reduce waste significantly and also help patients to receive their usual medication in hospital without delay.

Matthew, the Senior Clinical Pharmacist for Acute & Emergency Medicine at Gateshead Health, is excited to share more about the pilot project and its successful savings in a short one-minute video. 

We invite you to join us in watching it to learn more about this innovative project and how it’s contributing to the NHS trust’s mission of providing excellent patient care.