People who help us

Wendy Oliver and Helen Ramm from the children’s unit kindly visited Leam Lane Children’s Centre to provide half term activities around the theme “People who help us”.

The aim of the activity was to help children understand what might happen if they attended hospital, become familiar with the different roles within the hospital setting and help to reduce any anxieties or fears they may have related to hospital.

Wendy and Helen encouraged the children to try on plaster casts and bandages to investigate some of the equipment they might see if they ever have to attend Hospital.

The children really enjoyed the experience and Wendy and Helen answered many questions the children had about hospital visits.

A picture of two of the children's nursing team with a young boy and girl who are wearing plaster casts.
Wendy, Daniel, Amelie and Helen
A picture of a boy called Daniel who has  his arm in a sling.