New governors announced

We are pleased to announce the outcome of our recent Governor elections with new Governor terms commencing on 5 January 2023.

Our Governors play a crucial role in the governance of the Foundation Trust, helping us to be accountable to our members, the public, staff and partners. Our Governors have a number of important roles including representing their constituencies, appointing our Chair and Non-Executive Directors and holding our Non-Executive Directors to account.

A number of candidates were elected unopposed:

People placeholder

Des Costello

Eastern Gateshead
Des Costello, who was re-elected for a second 3-year term
Leslie Brown, Western Governor for Gateshead Health

Les Brown

Western Gateshead
Les Brown, who was re-elected for a second 3-year term
Ray Dennis, Governor for Eastern Gateshead Western Gateshead

Ray Dennis

Western Gateshead
Ray Dennis, who will be commencing his first 3-year term
Gordon Ian Main, governor for Western Gateshead

Gordon Ian Main

Western Gateshead
Gordon Ian Main, who will be commencing his first 2-year term

Contested elections were held for our Central Gateshead and Staff constituencies. The voting opened on 30 November 2022 and closed on 22 December 2022. The official voting report from Civica, the independent election company is available to download.

Report of voting for Gateshead Health – 23 December 2022 (206kB pdf)

The following candidates were also elected.

Abe Rabinowitz, central governor for Gateshead Health

Abe Rabin

Central Gateshead
Abe Rabin, who was re-elected for his third 3-year term
Steve Connolly, governor for Central Gateshead

Steve Connolly

Central Gateshead
Steve Connolly, who re-joins the Council for a 3-year term having previously served as a Staff Governor
Helen Jones, central governor for Gateshead Health

Helen Jones

Central Gateshead
Helen Jones, who was re-elected for her third 3-year term
Mark Learmouth, governor for Central Gateshead

Mark Learmouth

Central Gateshead
Mark Learmouth, who will be commencing his first 1-year term
Kiran Singisetti, staff governor

Kiran Singisetti

Kiran Singisetti, who will be commencing his first 3-year term
Lesley Curry, staff governor

Lynsey Curry

Lynsey Curry, who will be commencing her first 1-year term

We look forward to welcoming our Governors to the Council in January 2023 and sincerely thank all candidates who stood for election.

We would also like to record our thanks to those Governors who will be leaving the Council on 4 January 2022 for their commitment and support. Find out more about our Council of Governors and the work that they do.