Gateshead NHS goes green with new electric transport

QE Facilities have recently introduced two electric cargo bikes to help reduce our carbon footprint as the Trust goes green with new technology.

These bikes are being piloted at our Gateshead Health NHS Trust delivering HPV samples and stock delivery across the region.

HPV samples are collected from smear tests which women over the age of 25 are screened for cervical cancer. These samples are taking for testing to identify any risk of cervical cancer.

These new cargo bikes will both cut emissions within the city centre and avoid any congestion that our vans may incur within the area.

As the focus turns to becoming a more greener NHS, there is an increasing demand for more eco-friendly transport solutions and compared to regular vans, bicycles lack storage.

The pro bike cargo allows transport for up to 80kg of goods and has a full electric range for up 35 miles as well as assisted peddling. With a charging time of only 4 hours this ensures that weather conditions permitting, the bicycle can be employed daily.

Along with the cargo electric bikes, the Trust has introduced self-charging hybrid vehicles, petrol hybrid electric vehicles and hybrid electric’s to further work towards our targets to reduce emissions.

Associate Director of Transport Paul Bowmaker said “We are very proud to be implementing these new vehicles to help reduce our emissions. We understand that transport has a huge impact on the carbon footprint so by changing our vehicles to electric or hybrid, we are well on our way to become a more greener NHS.

“Delivering samples and stock is a vital part of the NHS and we will work hard to ensure we are reducing emissions to become a net carbon zero Trust.”