Gateshead maternity staff receive chief nursing officer awards

Gateshead maternity staff receive chief nursing officer awards including CMO silver award and MSW awards.

Alice Butler receiving CMO silver award
Chief nursing officer silver award ceremony

The chief midwifery officer for NHS England Prof Jacqueline Dunkley-Bent visited Gateshead Maternity Services on 31 January 2023 to present the chief midwifery officer (CMO) awards with chief executive Yvonne Ormston MBE. 

The CMO silver award is awarded to midwives in recognition of going beyond their everyday role to provide excellent care, leadership and inspiration to their colleagues and patients.

Lead Digital Midwife Alice Butler won the CMO silver award for outstanding developments in the digital strategy and implementation of Neonatal Badger, creating an end-to-end electronic record between maternity and neonatal services. Sophie Condon and Jennifer Peterson, Diabetes Specialist Midwives, also won an award for leading midwives for developments and quality improvements in caring for mothers with gestational diabetes.

Lesley Heelbeck, head of midwifery for Gateshead Health said “I am extremely proud of the maternity services here at Gateshead and the hard work the midwives do each day to support families and mothers-to-be. These awards highlight the exceptional work that takes place day in and day out.

“I am excited to see what the future holds for maternity services in Gateshead and I am extremely proud of all of the staff who work within the maternity unit and the patient care we offer.”

Helen Lamb, Lisa Wheatley and Alison Blythe receiving MSW awards
Maternity support workers award ceremony

On 13 February, chief executive Yvonne Ormston MBE also awarded three maternity support workers (MSW) with the MSW awards on behalf of the chief midwifery officer.

This award recognises those that capture the values of the NHS and that of their own organisations, both in supporting their nursing and midwifery colleagues and in delivering excellent patient care.

Three maternity support workers (MSW), Helen Lamb, Lisa Wheatley and Alison Blythe all received the MSW award for their outstanding work and support to mothers and babies.

Chief executive Yvonne Ormston MBE said, “I am delighted to be able to present these awards to the midwives and maternity support workers on behalf of the chief midwifery officer.

“The Chief Nursing Office award is a prestigious honour and we’re extremely proud of them and all of our teams here at Gateshead.”

Congratulations to all who received an award.