Gateshead Health’s catering team receives a five-star rating

The catering team at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital has achieved a five-star hygiene rating in a recent inspection by the Government’s Foods Standards Agency.

The five-star hygiene rating is an outstanding accomplishment that highlights the unwavering commitment to maintaining the kitchen’s highest cleanliness and safety standards.

As outlined on the Food Standards Agency’s website, a five star rating is the best score possible. A score of five is top of the scale, and this means the hygiene standards are excellent and fully comply with the law.

The catering team at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital

Catering, run by QE Facilities at the QE hospital is classified as being in a high-risk environment due to the types of patients it serves. As a result, the catering team is subject to more frequent assessments than a typical commercial catering outlet. With two inspections per year, Jason Riddell, QE Facilities Catering Manager and his team must ensure that every detail, from temperature control to delivery checks, storage, and preparation, is meticulously executed. This includes overseeing the journey of the food from delivery to the kitchen to the customer’s plate. It’s a challenging task, but Jason and his team are committed to providing high-quality meals while maintaining the highest safety and hygiene standards.

Jason Riddell, QE Facilities Catering Manager said: “This 5-star rating is a high accolade for me and the whole catering team. It really is, considering all the hard work they put in daily.”

One of the most popular items on the menu from the catering team is the legendary homemade scones. The recipe is top secret, and it comes courtesy of Joan Slowther who works on the production team within catering. Apparently when Joan goes away on holiday customers ask about why the scones taste different.

Joan’s famous scones

In 2006 the Chronicle featured Joan’s famous scones in an article, 17 years on and they are more popular than ever with both staff and patients.

We feel privileged to have such a talented and dedicated catering team on board, and we are grateful for its unwavering commitment to excellence.

This well-deserved achievement is a testament to the team’s hard work and perseverance. Congratulations to the QE Facilities Catering Team on this outstanding accomplishment.