Gateshead Health partners with Seating Matters to create an innovative and award winning device  to support critical care patients

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has become the first trust in Europe to collaborate with Seating Matters on an innovative new solution for critical care patients.

Susie Crystal, Specialist Nurse in Critical Care Rehabilitation at Gateshead Health worked closely with the company, alongside her team, on an innovative new chair to take patients from lying flat to being fully seated. The team’s involvement has ensured that it has all the features needed to benefit our patients.

Susie Crystal said, “The multi-disciplinary team at Gateshead worked with Seating Matters to design the Sydney chair.  The final product makes transferring complex critical care patients into a chair easier and safer via a flat transfer.”

Critical care patients at Gateshead Health can now benefit from this innovation as the Trust has invested in two of the chairs.

Susie continued, “There are multiple benefits for patients to sitting out in a chair – physical and psychological, so being able to do this safely and easily is excellent. We can even take people outside in these chairs to enjoy some fresh air and daylight. The chairs have transformed the patient and staff experience.”

The Sydney GoFlat can form part of the initial process of getting patients out of bed, helping in both the physical and emotional rehabilitation of critical care patients. Patients in critical care will usually be attached to a series of tubes, wires and cables, which are essential for monitoring, treating and supporting them, but which make moving patients very difficult and in some cases dangerous. The seat can be adjusted to draw level with bed, enables lateral transfer of patient from bed to seat and has features to prevent falls during transfer, all keeping the patient safe.

Nurse with the sydney go flat chair

It also helps with pressure management to ensure that when repositioned and sitting out of bed that the patient is supported correctly to reduce the risk of pressure injuries and ensure hip alignment.

Conor O’Neill, Innovation Manager said, “Through our work with Seating Matters on the development of the Sydney Chair we have established a strong working relationship across both our teams. We are delighted to have built a meaningful collaboration that will improve patient and staff experience.

“This collaborative approach is key to developing innovative products like the Sydney Chair. Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust is thrilled to have been part of this process and we look forward to building on this partnership to deliver more for our staff and patients.”

Visit the Seating Matters website to find out more about the Sydney chair that is benefiting patients at Gateshead Health.