Gateshead Health Charity sows the seeds for garden renovation

Work has started to create the Jubilee Courtyard Garden at the Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital in Gateshead. This garden will provide an enjoyable outdoor space for patients as well as staff and visitors, thanks to the support from Gateshead Health Charity.

picture of building work of the garden
Jubilee Garden project started

The Jubilee Courtyard Garden project aims to create a space tailored to various groups, including critical care patients as they recover in the hospital. It will offer stroke rehab patients a therapeutic environment to enjoy, give people with dementia safe outdoor time and provide families of organ donors with a memorial space. The garden will also be used as a space for staff and visitors, offering peace and tranquillity within the hospital. The Jubilee Garden will include features such as wish trees, plants and sculptures to create a calming environment.

planning group members posing with equipment
Ruth Da Silva, Susie Chrystal, Mike Robson, James Forrest

The Jubilee Garden planning group members responsible for the project include Christine Fawcett, Julia Nevin, Ruth Da Silva, James Forrest and the project lead, Susie Chrystal.

Susie Chrystal, specialist nurse for critical care rehabilitation and project lead for the Jubilee Garden, said. “We are thrilled to see the work begin on the garden after months of planning. Thanks to Gateshead Health Charity, we are looking forward to creating a beautiful space that will benefit patients, relatives and staff at the QE Hospital.

“The idea for the garden came from seeing first-hand the difficulties faced by patients and staff in the hospital. I knew that access to nature could make a real difference to patients’ recovery, and I’m so pleased we’re now making this a reality.”

planning group members with shovel
Susie Chrystal, project lead and Ruth Da Silva

Kris Mackenzie, Executive Lead for the Charity and Group Director of Finance and Digital said. “This garden is a perfect example of the type of projects that we support at Gateshead Health Charity.

“We hope that the garden will offer a place for reflection. We’re proud to invest in this work and we’re thankful to all our supporters who made this possible.”

Work started on the garden on 19 February and will be finished in the spring.

Gateshead Health Charity supports Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust to improve patient care and enhance the healthcare environment, going above and beyond the core NHS funding.