Gateshead Endoscopy unit wins national approval

Here at Gateshead NHS, the Endoscopy team has received the stamp of approval from a national body for demonstrating outstanding care for our patients.

The endoscopy department carries out procedures that look at the inside of the body using a tube with a small camera on the end.

During the pandemic, the unit continued appointments under strict guidance and carried out over 7000 procedures.

To achieve the accreditation by the Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy (JAG), the department demonstrated that it meets a variety of high quality standards which show excellent patient care and prove our patients are in the safest of hands.

Continuing to achieve this national accreditation since 2006, the team has shown that even during an extremely challenging year, they still provide outstanding care.

Endoscopy consultant Jitendra Singh said: “The Endoscopy unit has a proud history of being amongst the first few endoscopy units in the country to achieve this accreditation. All parts of the team have all subsequently worked very hard to maintain this status.

“Despite these challenges the team are delighted to continue to have JAG accreditation.”