Gateshead begin sharps waste disposal bin rollout

We are delighted to have begun the rollout of our sharps waste disposal bins in our theatres and wards 26 and 27 as part of our sustainability road map.

The Sharpsmart bins are a smarter, reusable way to dispose sharps waste safely are globally recognised, used widely across the UK with some of its first customers here in the North East.

Sustainability and waste manager, Sarah Needham said: “After a successful trial in Theatres and Wards 26 & 27, Sharpsmart is to be rolled out across the QE Hospital.”

“Along with the improved safety benefits, there are huge environmental benefits too by reducing approximately over 10 tonnes of carbon emissions and waste each year.”

“During the first 7 weeks of the trial we’ve already successfully segregated over 100kg of single use metal instruments in Theatres for recycling. These are key in our road map to achieving net zero by 2045.”

Theatres senior operating department practitioner, Louise Lockwood said: “Our new sharps bins have made a real positive impact within Theatres.”

“They are preassembled, so it’s much easier to begin using one and it saves staff time setting them up. The waste tray makes disposing of sharps safer and more secure.”

“The risk of a sharps injury is greatly reduced. And they are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. They’re reusable, only the contents are disposed of, then the bin is cleaned and returned. It’s good to know that it’s helping to reduce plastic waste and helping the environment.”

Find out more information about the Sharpsmart bins.