Critical care reveals patient journey wall mural

This week, the critical care department at Gateshead Health NHS Trust revealed a wall mural for patients and their loved ones.

The wall-length mural ‘what to expect from your loved ones critical care journey’ has been placed outside the critical care corridor for patients’ families to read as they come into the department.

This has been designed to help anxious family members understand what care their loved ones will receive from admission to their assessment, and the support the family will receive on discharge.

With illustrations of breathing machines, bedside monitors, infusion pumps, and other pieces of equipment, the mural gives a clear insight into what the environment looks like for patients under their care.

Lucy Edwards, deputy sister on Critical Care said: “We hope the mural will add reassurance around the patient’s journey and help reduce anxiety in a very difficult time.

“This mural was installed as a positive engagement project for Critical Care staff through a very challenging year but also to help relatives prepare for the journey ahead.”

Susie Chrystal, specialist nurse for critical care rehabilitation added: “The project was designed in collaboration with staff ex-patients, and relatives. We are delighted with how it has turned out.”