Keep phones charged and connected with the Crable Charging Shelf

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust is the first UK trust to deploy Crable Charging Shelves, a revolutionary technology, developed by Crable, that allows patients and families to charge their phones and mobile devices onsite for free. As part of the North of Tyne Combined Authority Digital Cluster Development Project, the Academic Health Science Network for the North East and North Cumbria is working with digital companies to develop products, such as the Charging Shelves, and support their spread and adoption throughout the NHS.

Crable Charging Shelves installed at the QE Hospital Gateshead
Crable Charging Shelves installed at the QE Hospital Gateshead

The initial installation sites are located in areas where patients and families may have limited phone charge, such as Emergency Care Centres. The deployment of these shelves is an important step forward in providing equal access to healthcare services. 

Crable Charging Shelves are wall-mounted devices that allow several mobile devices to be charged simultaneously using either wireless charging, USB ports or conventional plug connections. QE Facilities have already installed over 50 to date of these innovative devices across multiple settings within the Gateshead Health Trust to bring benefits to staff, patients and visitors. 

The implementation of this technology at nurse stations and staff bases is proving beneficial for those working in the NHS, as it allows for the area to be kept tidy and in line with regulations. It also provides additional capacity for charging devices that are used for work and it means that these critical gadgets (nervecentre devices) are always prepared for deployment. This technology has been praised by staff, who mentioned that the units are “constantly in use”. 

According to Conor O’Neill, Innovation Manager at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust this technology is delivering a tangible improvement to both the staff and patient experience. He said: “We are proud to be the first UK trust to deploy this innovative charging solution that allows patients and families to charge their phones for free.

“We’ve received excellent feedback from staff, patients and their families as it means that by taking away the worry of running out of battery power, patients can stay connected with friends and family during their stay at the hospital”.

The units also supports futureproofing by being designed to accommodate both wired and wireless (induction) charging, thereby ensuring the Charging Shelves are suitable for all models of mobile device. The product does not capture personal data, is free at the point of use, and  provides a quick, easy and hassle-free way for people to recharge their devices.

Phone charging on the Crable Charging Shelves
Phone charging on the Crable Charging Shelves

Crable Charging Shelves can minimise the risk of trip hazards and electrical fires across wards, and visiting areas, which may be caused by extended charging cables. The units can be safely sterilised with the strongest of commercial cleaning products to prevent bacterial build-ups, limit infectious hazards and reduce cross contamination.

The product is now being considered within other NHS Trusts in the region.  For more information, please send enquires to [email protected]