Baby Loss Awareness Week 2020

This week was #BLAW2020 where we supported those who have sadly lost their babies. Here at QE maternity we are extremely passionate about supporting families following the unimaginable death of their baby at any stage of their pregnancy, birth or soon after.

Louisa Turner, Labour Ward Coordinator, Bereavement Lead Midwife: As the Bereavement Link Midwife for the trust one of my key role involves the educating and supporting of staff to enable them to provide the best possible care during what is a traumatic and devastating event for any parent. If we can effectively support these parents through their bereavement it can make such a huge difference to their grief process.

We are extremely lucky at the QE to be supported by charities such as 4Louis and Remember my Baby who enable us to help families make invaluable memories with their babies. Bereavement care is something that is constantly evolving for the better and as we push towards implementing the new National Bereavement Care Pathway within the trust this can only continue to improve.

Sarah Graham, Nurse Practitioner, Early Pregnancy Bereavement Lead: As a nurse practitioner in the early pregnancy unit, my role is to care for women under 16 weeks of pregnancy who have complications such as pain or bleeding.

Amongst other things we care for women who are experiencing miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy- something that has been particularly challenging during the pandemic due to restrictions surrounding treatment options and partners attending. I am the early pregnancy bereavement lead, and as such am always looking for ways to raise awareness surrounding pregnancy loss and to ensure that we provide the best possible care for women and families during these challenging times.