Anna Stabler’s skydive for staff health and wellbeing

Anna’s JustGiving page

Anna has worked in the NHS for 38 years and always believed in the principle that looking after our staff leads to great care for our patients.

picture of Anna Stabler in black dress
Anna Stabler

Anna’s second job as a staff nurse within the surgical division was here at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust where she spent very happy years before completing her midwifery training. Anna worked in various NHS Trusts before she decided to retire three years ago.

In 2021, Anna came back to Gateshead as a non-executive director and has now been in post for three years. Her reasons for coming back to Gateshead included the happy memories she made working here and the values of the Trust that she truly admires and believes in. Coming back to look around again reminded her of how everyone enjoyed working here, what a caring environment it is, how staff looked out for one another and that feeling of coming back to the family she had left many years ago.

On a more personal note for Anna, she was a patient of Gateshead Health 20 years ago, where she received amazing cancer care with Mr Browell (who is sadly no longer with us), and his team. This again, was one of the other reasons for Anna deciding to come back to work at Gateshead.

“The Gateshead NHS Foundation Trust Board is extremely committed to making our Trust the best place for staff to work in Gateshead. To support our Trust in delivering the best possible care for the community we serve, we must also support the staff who work here. We all recognise how hard all of our staff work in going above and beyond for our patients every day and that in these times of hardship, staff may also be finding it very difficult. As a result, I have chosen to support Staff Health and Wellbeing and I can’t wait to help out.”

Anna Stabler

Anna really wanted to give something back to say a big thank you to our staff, so she decided to “take the plunge” jumping a whopping 10,000ft in a tandem skydive to raise much-needed funds to support staff health and wellbeing across the Trust. This will support the continuation of initiatives like the Leg Up Scheme, staff meal vouchers, staff well-being dog therapy, and many more well-being activities.

Dale Jones, Lead for Staff Health and Wellbeing, highlighted, “Anna’s leap will help us to fund initiatives that will directly support staff wellbeing at work, helping ensure that they have access to some of the basic necessities that help to keep them well and comfortable while at work.”

To make a difference for our staff here in Gateshead, be sure to head over to Anna’s JustGiving page and make a donation. Please don’t forget to add Gift Aid to add an additional 25% to your donation at no extra cost to you.