Gateshead hospital patients give top marks to NHS care

Patients receiving care in Gateshead’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital have rated it among the best in the country, according to the results of the latest national survey.

Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust has been ranked in the top 20 hospital trusts in England in the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) adult inpatient survey 2021.

The results showed high patient satisfaction when it came to care – overall 97% said they had confidence and trust in their doctors, while 96% said they were treated with respect and dignity.


Several departments in the Trust scored full marks for certain questions; in cardiology, respiratory medicine, trauma and orthopaedics and general surgery 100% of the patients surveyed said they had confidence and trust in the doctors or nurses.

The team on the cardiology ward (ward 8) – 100% of patients had confidence and trust in their doctors and nurses

Yvonne Ormston, MBE, chief executive at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We’re all thrilled with these latest survey results, especially since the feedback comes directly from our patients. Staying in hospital can be worrying time and our staff work hard to provide a positive experience.

“The survey results are an illustration of this hard work, as well as the dedication and compassion of our amazing staff. Despite challenging circumstances, they continue to go above and beyond to provide the very best, high-quality care to our patients and provide an outstanding service for the Gateshead community.”

Jane Conroy, head of quality and patient experience at Gateshead NHS Foundation Trust, adds: “Thank you to the patients who took the time to complete the survey – their feedback is invaluable for us and it’s good to hear directly from patients about the care they have received. This gives us a valuable insight into how patients feel about the services we provide, what’s working and what could be done better. Every year we strive to continue to improve, and we will be analysing the results of this report to how we can make an even bigger difference to our patients.”

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