Welcome to Ward 23

Meal Times:

Breakfast 08:30-09:30
Lunch 12:00-13:00
Supper 17:00-18:00

Female unit:

0191 445 2023

Male Unit:

0191 445 6777

Hello and welcome to Ward 23

We are a Care of the Elderly ward which specialises in the assessment and treatment of patients who often have a combination of medical and mental health needs. When patients are admitted to ward 23 they may have an existing mental health need which may have worsened or are experiencing new symptoms which need investigating. Some of our patients may be confused and as such we ask that you do not attempt to assist the other patients on the ward, as their needs may greatly differ from the needs of your loved one.

Visiting Times

Our visiting times are between the hours of 12:30 and 19:00, this is to ensure confidentiality during doctors ward rounds and is based on an hourly appointment system. You may wish to book more than one hourly slot at a time however we do ask that no more than two people visit a patient at any one time, this is because confused patients can find excessive noise or stimuli distressing.
Visits during meal times will be prioritised to those patients who require full assistance with their meals and may eat better with a loved one present or helping them.
Please note that we advise children under the age of 18 not to visit, we have confused patients on the ward and children may find this distressing.
Access to the ward is gained via the buzzer system. Please be patient if the door is not opened immediately as the nurse may be busy caring for your loved one.

Meal Times

Many of our patients may not be able to tell us of their likes and dislikes with regards to food choices therefore we have a section in the Forget Me Not card to complete if the patient is not able to do so themselves. We also request that you inform us of any special dietary requirements the patient may have, for example religious or cultural needs.

Patient Hygiene

Ward 23 stocks a limited supply of toiletries on the ward, these are donated by staff and are designed for patients who are first admitted into hospital and may not have had the chance to bring their own toiletries with them. Therefore we do ask that you supply your loved one with the necessary toiletries in accordance with their length of stay.


Some of our patients on the ward may be at risk of falling. The nursing team strive to provide a safe environment for patients by minimising risk, however we are unable to prevent all falls. We therefore request that you assist us in minimising this risk by, returning your visitors chairs to the cupboard at the end of each visit. Please ensure that the nurse call system and bedside table are replaced and in reach of the patient if these have been moved during your visit. We also ask that you provide the patient with appropriate fitting clothes and footwear. Please be advised that trailing trousers and backless slippers can cause falls.


Due to confusion many of our patients can mislay their belongings or pick up the belongings of others. This is often distressing for the patients and their families as well as staff. We advise you do not bring anything valuable onto the ward, and that patients clothing and belongings are labelled. Please note that Gateshead Health NHS Trust accepts no responsibility for property which has become lost or damage.

Infection control

Please note that face masks remain a mandatory requirement within the hospital and we ask that you do not remove this during your visit.
Anyone visiting is to ensure that they wash their hands, or use the alcohol gel available on entering and exiting the ward. Please do not visit the ward if you are feeling unwell and we kindly request that you do not sit on the patients beds.
Ward 23 does not have any facilities for laundering clothes. Therefore dirty laundry will be placed into plastic bags by the patients bed for collection by family/carers. To assist us in infection control measures we request that dirty laundry is removed as soon as possible and replenished.

Forget Me Not

On ward 23 we encourage a patient centred approach to care, which means we treat each person as an individual and assist them to achieve their goals according to their individual condition and needs. Patients and their loved ones are encouraged to assist with this approach to care. We utilise a document called The Forget Me Not and we request that you complete this if the patient themselves is not able to do so. This helps us to gain an insight into the patients personality, past likes and dislikes which in turn assists us to provide individualised care.


Ward 23 strives to provide excellence in nursing care and any feedback is greatly appreciated. The patient will receive a Friends & Family card on discharge from hospital, this should be completed and either placed in the Friends & Family box on exit from the ward or returned via freepost.

Ward 23 Sister Michelle Lewins
Ward 23
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