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Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Scan Information

What is ultrasound?

An ultrasound scan is a painless examination, which uses sound waves to make images of the inside of your body. A contrast enhanced ultrasound scan is a test used to get more information.

Is ultrasound safe?

Yes, ultrasound is harmless, no radiation (X-rays) are used.

Is there any preparation?

No preparation is needed.

Can l take my medication?

Take all medication as normal.

Who will do my ultrasound scan?

Your scan will be performed by a Consultant Radiologist who is a doctor specialising in ultrasound.

What will the examination involve?

You may already have had an ultrasound scan before attending for this scan. You will have another ultrasound scan for which some warm gel will be spread on your skin. The gel is needed for the scan as it allows the ultrasound probe to move smoothly over your skin. The gel may wet your clothes but it will not stain them. You may prefer to wear loose clothing or you can ask for a hospital gown. You will then have an injection of ultrasound contrast. This is a liquid that allows the organs to be looked at in more detail. A further scan will then be performed.

How long will my ultrasound scan last?

Your scan will take approximately twenty minutes.

When do l get my scan results?

If your scan was requested by a hospital consultant they will either send you a letter informing you of the scan results or send you a follow-up clinic appointment. If you haven’t received your results within six weeks, please ring your referring doctor’s secretary.

Who can accompany me?

Due to limited seating in our waiting area we request that you have only one person accompany you.

What are the risks?

Minor risk: Some patients have reported nausea and headache. You will be asked to remain in the department for 30 minutes following the test for observation.

Do you need an ambulance?

If you need an ambulance to bring you to hospital please contact your GP at least two days prior to your appointment, to arrange.

If you need to book an ambulance, please ring us on this number in order that we can adjust your appointment time – 0191 445 2485. This will ensure that you spend as little time as possible waiting in the department.

For advice please contact:

Ultrasound Department Tel No: 0191 4452485

Monday – Friday

All patient leaflets are regularly reviewed and any suggestions you have as to how this leaflet may be improved are extremely valuable.

Please write to:

The Ultrasound Department
Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Sheriff Hill


1, ter Haar, G ( 2001 ) in Meire H, Cosgrove D, Dewbury K and Farrant P (editors); “ Safety of Diagnostic Ultrasound “ in Clinical Ultrasound: A Comprehensive text. Churchill Livingstone, pages 37-45.

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