Trust Charity unveils new name to Gateshead Health Charity

Gateshead Health Charity, formerly known as QE Charitable Funds, is proud to announce its new name, reflecting its unwavering dedication to supporting Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust. The charity’s rebranding signifies its commitment to improving the experience of our patients, visitors and staff across the healthcare experience in Gateshead.

Gateshead Health Charity logo
Gateshead Health Charity logo

Our new name represents our dedication to going beyond core NHS funding and enhancing patient care and the overall healthcare experience in Gateshead and beyond. With our strapline, ‘Supporting Gateshead Health NHS’, we want to convey our determination to provide resources that go beyond the statutory requirements of the NHS.

Our primary objective is to make a positive impact by offering additional support for patients and staff. We strive to acquire capital items and support medical research, contributing to advancements in healthcare technology and treatment options. By purchasing cutting-edge equipment and funding research projects, we aim to improve healthcare outcomes and patient experiences. We believe that improving the overall health and wellbeing of the Gateshead community starts with providing a welcoming and compassionate healthcare setting.

Previously known as QE Charitable Funds, we have always been at the heart of the Gateshead community. Generous supporters, including those who have experienced care at our hospitals or have loved ones who have been patients, have donated thousands of pounds to help enhance the care we provide. The funds raised have been used to improve the hospital environment, invest in technology, support staff training and contribute to research projects.