Discover the QE Facilities pharmacy’s community-focused services: from pharmacy homecare to smoking cessation

If you’ve ever been to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead, you may have noticed that there are not one but two pharmacies within the hospital. 

While the inpatient-focused pharmacy supplies all the medication a patient needs whilst being admitted to the hospital, the second pharmacy is designed to serve the hospital’s outpatients who live in Gateshead and the surrounding communities.

This outpatient-focused pharmacy offers various services, including the Pharmacy Homecare Service for gastro and rheumatology patients. But what exactly is the Pharmacy Homecare Service? We sat down with Robert Mustard, Head of Pharmacy Services, to learn more about this fantastic service that QE Facilities provides.

What else does the outpatient pharmacy cover? We spoke to Alice Aitken, the Business Operations Manager at the QE Facilities Pharmacy, about the Smoking Cessation Service.

Alice revealed some exciting insights into her team’s different support methods for helping people quit smoking and make their attempts successful.

Whether you’re a current smoker seeking to quit or you know friends or family members who are considering a quit attempt, this brief video provides the information you’ve been seeking about our Smoking Cessation Service.