Brave Brenda wing walks to support best friend

When her best friend, Ann, was diagnosed with breast cancer Brenda was amazed by her bravery and knew she had to do something just as brave to support her.

Brenda Stobbart, the woman with no fear, decided to “wing walk” in support of her friend, Ann-Marie Fenwick to raise money for the breast cancer unit at Gateshead Health where Ann was treated. The wing walk involved being strapped to a plane wing while it flew through the air at speeds above 80mph.

Brenda sat on top of a yellow plane about to take off
Brenda on the plane

Brenda chose to raise money for QE Charitable Funds because of the care her friend Ann received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Brenda and Ann have been friends for over 40 years and do all kinds of activities together. They tap dance every week as well as enjoy a boogie to rock’n’roll and disco dancing. However, Ann was given the sad news that she had breast cancer and began her treatment in January. Thankfully, Ann has now got the all-clear.

To raise funds for Breast Services at Gateshead Health and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, Brenda completed the wing walk at Leeds East Airport with Wingwalk.Buzz after wanting to do the flight for a long time.

Brenda and Ann with the Breast Cancer Team stood next to a breast screening poster
Brenda and Ann with a member of the breast cancer team

Brenda said, “I was not scared in the slightest and absolutely loved the wing walking experience. I am so thrilled to have raised £450”.

Clare Drummond, Manager of QE Charitable Funds, said “We are so thankful for fundraisers and donors like Brenda, whose amazing work has resulted in a very kind donation for our Breast Services unit. We are saddened to hear about Ann’s diagnosis but thankful that she has such a supportive friend in Brenda who will no doubt inspire others to follow in her steps. I just want to say a huge thank you to Brenda for this generous donation, which I know will be used to improve our patient experience for people like Ann in the future”.

Brenda stood in front of yellow plane she completed wing walk on
Brenda in front of the plane

Do you feel like getting up close to the clouds, thousands of feet in the sky in support of our charity? Head over to the events page on our website to see how you can get involved in fundraising for QE Charitable Funds.